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We are Habiba International, A manufactureing company of Leather Products and Sports Wears. Proud  to be the leading global developer and marketers cordura jackets & pants especialy motor bike suits, jackets,vests trousers, coats,gloves accessories and working wears tracksuits & hosiery, textile clothes for the world company association whole sale markets.we started on 1990 at the down age in which the manufacturers of motor Bike accessories company would flourish like never before around the world, we operate directly in nearly 15 countries in addition Habiba Leather Industries reaches customers in more then 10 other countries through destributor, licenses and export operations. to meet the global demandar products we operate more then 25 state of  the art manufacturing and destribution facil....
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Weight Lifting Gloves
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Mechanics Glove
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Tool Bags
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Website ( Saturday, April 04, 2009 )
We launch this New Website and still working on it. So please wait some products description will not disclosed.
Wholesale Prices ( Friday, December 12, 2011 )
Get the whole website products at wholesale prices.